We are thrilled and excited to announce the release of a new product to PayTabs’ product portfolio, Express Checkout v4.0.  

Express Checkout is a secure, light and efficient component that can be quickly integrated in your website with little effort to start accepting online payments.  

Version 4.0 is a new version that is built almost from scratch offering these advantages over the v3.0 


Clean, intuitive and fast user interface and experience 

The design focus on this version is to simplify the UI as possible, so only the mandatory fields are included. This helps buyers spend less time in the payment step 


Responsive design with full support for modern browsers 

It’s now friendlier through different screens, like mobile and tablets. No more cropped views or shaky windows 


Higher transaction success rate 

The modern development frameworks and code libraries used in this version eliminate legacy and incompatibility issues that impacted transaction success rate. 


Meaningful error/status messages  

We believe that handling error or status messages properly is part of a compelling UX. Messages should be short, helpful, and less-ambiguous. 


We hope you find these updates useful to your business and customer satisfaction. As usual, drop us a line at support@paytabs.com to let’s know your feedback. 



PayTabs Team